IGWANA is an innovative concept that allows users to order an at home car wash, oil change and even
car repairs. It provides its users with at home and at office services to save them precious time during
their day.
The goal of the client
To reach the young workforce who are always short on time and provide them with home and car
maintenance service while they are at home or at work.
Provided Services
 Logo Design
 Full Branding & Identity Creation
 Packaging Design
 Community Management
The actions of Stratton Yorks
Stratton Yorks understood the client’s need and researched the market accordingly. We provided
IGWANA with an innovative brand identity that allows them to attract their end clients. We understood
the concept and brainstormed accordingly, providing a full solution for all client communication, brand
identity and packaging needs. We are now working on an application and a backend to manage all
client’s orders and client database.