Mrs. M is a socially responsible initiative that connects small business owners in the suburbs of Lebanon
with potential clients in the cities. They work with home-made suppliers of food and handcrafts,
providing them with B2B sales, branded and high quality packaging and delivery of their products.
The goal of the client
To allow small business owners to penetrate the B2C market and reach potential clients directly,
avoiding unnecessary overhead and initial investment.
Provided Services
 Logo Design
 Full Branding & Identity Creation
 Packaging Design
 Community Management
The actions of Stratton Yorks
Stratton Yorks understood the client’s need and researched the market accordingly. We provided Mrs.
M with a hip and innovative brand identity that allows them to attract their end clients. We understood
the concept and brainstormed accordingly, providing a full solution for all client communication, brand
identity and packaging needs.