Urban zoozo is a B2B solution that is armed with an arsenal of tools using an e-platform for all delivery needs.
The goal of the client
Delivery/On-Demand Package Delivery. This service allows to have goods (food, groceries or packages)
shipped within Beirut in no time. Drivers guarantee to deliver all food items within 45 minutes and all retail
items within 2 hours. No more lost or stolen packages. Safe, Secure, Reliable!
Provided Services
 Logo Design
 Full Branding & Identity Creation
 Packaging Design
 Community Management
The actions of Stratton Yorks
Stratton Yorks understood the client’s need and researched the market accordingly. We provided URBAN
ZOOZO with an innovative brand identity that allows them to attract their clients. We understood the
concept and brainstormed accordingly, providing a full solution for all client communication and brand
identity. We also established a platform and a backend to manage all client’s orders, deliveries and client
Website : http://www.urbanzoozo.com/